Hlas a mluvený projev / Workshop with Ivana Vostárková (in CZECH)


The workshop by professor of the Academy of Performing Arts Ivana Vostárková focuses on the voice in connection with speech. It will be conducted in CZECH.


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Voice is the most natural human instrument. We are born with the ability to communicate through our voice – it is our first and and major means of communication. Our voice isn’t only a mediator of the message, but a carrier of meaning itself – it gives away the state of our psyche and trades of our individuality. Restoring one’s natural voice gives restores the sensitive perception of one’s own physical experiences, removes unconscious limits, and aims to bring harmony between the body, mind and emotions as a prerequisite for free creative activity.

Words enter the development of our communication around the age of 1. The voice itself isn’t that important anymore as intellect and thinking take over. Due to the changes in communication in contemporary society (increase of technology, speeding up and focussing on the results, informational overload and lowering the demands on cultivation not only in current media) our vocabulary is growing poor, and depersonalization of spoken voice is on a rise. One of the reasons is the decline of our ability to fully and authentically communicate – to communicate ourselves.

During our meeting, we will try to restore the access to our own sources of natural voice and spoken word as a prerequisite for communicating and creating relationships with others.

We would like to ask the participants to bring their own roll mat or a blanket and a cork (which can also be plastic). We will also work laying down, so don’t forget about comfortable clothes as well. 

Participants: 20

Venue: HAMU, Malostranské nám. 258/13

Total hours: 4

1. 9. 2018 13:00 – 17:00
2.9. 2018 16:00 – 18:00 Student Concert (optional participation)