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The founder of the Body-Voice Method, the Israeli voice movement artist Smadar Emor leads a unique three-hour workshop that will help us open up, express ourselves and release our voices.



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In this workshop, we will open our bodies to natural impulses and rhythms and to the natural musicality flow. This will allow rich and live expression of our voice. We will use images to create little improvised vocal landscapes and vocal pictures.  We will make little improvised solo compositions as well as duets, trios, and groups. We will also work with some ancient Kriol songs to deepen the understanding of resonances and body musicality knowledge.

About the Method “Voice In Movement Integration” :

Smadar Emor founded this body-voice method during 25 years of research.

This is a process, which reconstructs the organic connection linking breathing, movement and voice. This renewed basic connection enables the release flow of natural healing forces, creative energy, vitality, and spontaneity. Voice and movement are the primer language of our inner life, this language reconnecting us with our personal subconscious roots as well as our collective sources.  Our vitality, health and joy emerge when connecting to these deep roots.

During this process, we go through something like an “evolution”, a redevelopment that recovers our connection with different consciousness levels and different modes of expression, which were accessible for us during the pre-linguistic era- as children. This development bring us back to our body, which is the connection to our truth authentic self and to wisdom of natural healing.   The process creates many changes in the body-psyche patterns as well as with our relationship to ourselves and to others. It enlarge our capabilities of operating in the world from a standpoint of creativity and mindful presence.

Through returning to our bodily natural rhythms, we experience the release of the free voice, which carried by the pulsations of the body musicality.

Through releasing our voices, we enable us to open up to the colorful musical languish of our inner life, expressed by natural improvised dancing and singing.  We can bring forth the variety of voices within us, the variety of inner characters. The free voice enable us to open the blocked emotional Traumatic experiences to a new flow of life. We get excess to archaic bodily memories, and contact with fully world of vocal and visual images.  We can than enter our primer bodily world of rhythm beats, sounds and melodies created in each present moment.

Participants: 30

Venue: HAMU, Malostranské nám. 258/13

Total hours: 3

2. 9. 2018 9:00 – 12:00
2.9. 2018 16:00 – 18:00 Student Concert (optional participation)