Open Call

Many thanks to everyone who responded to our open call for voice projects for the composed concert Voice and Beyond.

Please join us on the 1st of September in Malostranská Beseda (19:00) for an evening of voice in its various forms by exceptional artists from all over the world. This is intended to be an unforgettable gathering of singers and performers, for an evening dedicated to voice.

The performing artists include Smadar Emor (ISR), Jonathan Hart Makwaia (USA), Annabelle Plum & Žaneta Vítová (CZ) and selected artists:

Katja Šulc (SLO)

Katja Šulc is a singer-songwriter moving between poetry and music. While eclectic and diverse, and at home in various genres, she is focused on delivering and interpreting poetry. Her latest album Kamlisajlan (Casete México, 2016) pays homage to contemporary gypsy poetry from the Balkans and Eastern Europe. Her performance is based on live-looping, samples, spoken word, whispers, sound effects, delivering contemporary poems, traditional folk songs and improvised vocalizations.

Jitka Osička (CZ)

Jitka Osička is an actress, singer, and improvisator. She studied Musical Acting at the Janáček Academy of Music and Performing Arts Brno, in the studio of Jana Janěková. Jitka Osička lives in Prague and works in different theatres across the Czech republic. Beyond her interest in dance, singing, acting, and dubbing, Osička is keen on self awareness through a return to her roots, which she finds in nature. For her, improvisation is a key not only within her artistic expression, but in life itself.