NAHLAS! 2018

NaHlas! Festival is an international festival focusing on the human voice. The festival explores the voice’s varying forms and different approaches to it. NaHlas! is a unique gathering celebrating the voice and bringing together special guests from the Czech Republic and other countries to sing, perform and teach for four days in Prague. These guests will make up the festival’s rich programme featuring concerts, lectures and workshops aimed at both professionals and a wider public: beginners, amateurs, and ordinary people interested in developing their own vocal skills.

NEIRO`s aim is to identify, foster and present arts that go beyond their traditional boundaries. In organizing the NaHlas! Festival NEIRO hopes to present the voice and vocals in its various forms along with devising approaches, creating a platform where Czech and international artists, students and the public can meet and work together. This exceptional gathering is open to everyone, offering a programme capable of tempting visitors of all ages. After all, cultivating the mind and body through the voice is possible at any age.

Let yourself be seduced, come to find your own voice, to twit or grumble, to sing with your whole heart. Accept our invitation.