Topos Kolektiv is a unique music and performative ensemble within a Czech and European context.

The group creates acoustic music directly for the space where the current performance takes place. The results are immersive performances featuring the surrounding space as the strongest player. Topos Kolektiv has been selected and invited to several international conferences and shows due to its unique approach to space and the high artistic quality of its work.

The members include the composer Martin Klusák, experimental vocalist Annabelle Plum, harp player Hana Hrachovinová, site-specific performer Tereza Kerle, shakuhachi player and a filmmaker Marek Matvija and the percussionist Tomáš Kerle. Each musical performance is created as the unique work of the whole ensemble, emerging through music and movement improvisation directly in the space of each performance. The places where Topos Kolektiv works are an important source of inspiration, requiring research of the (non) concert space and a consideration of its acoustic-semantic features.

TOPOS KOLEKTIV | site-specific music

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