Ivana Vostárková

Ivana Vostárková’s work with the voice is not only artistic in nature, but therapeutical as well. In fact it was her occupation as a therapist which made her seek out wider contexts between various spheres of human existence. Vostárková’s focus is not only on vocalisation, but also the development of vocal skill. Those who visit her soon start to change holistically as she guides them in finding their natural self without any external judgements. Vostárková is able to name things purely, without any sign of criticism. Through her direct, yet loving approach, she helps people express themselves while staying open in order to examine their own true perception and treatment.

Ivana Vostárková is an absolvent of DAMU: the department of puppetry. She is a puppeteer, actress and a teacher. She has worked with different directors such as Karel Makonj (Malý princ, Pejsek a kočička, Staré pověsti pražské…) and Andrej Krob (Divadlo na tahu – Žebrácká opera Václava Havla). In addition she was the director’s assistant in Evald Schorm’s play (Divadlo Na zábradlí), has worked with Ivo Krobot (D24), and taught at LDO LDO ZUŠ Kladno. She has also worked with Minor Theatre, where she was employed as a voice trainer. She has worked with Czech television in a puppeteer group which animated the movie Tři veteráni inc cooperation with the theatrical fair. Since 1995 she has taught at KVD DAMU and since 1998 she has also worked at the department of production at DAMU. She works with educational agencies (Pragoeduca, AHA), gives lectures for TV and radio reporters and teaches at seminars ARTAMA a STD. On top of all of this, she is also a singing teacher, having taught such Czech stars as David Koller, Lenka Dusilová, Aneta Langerová, and the Yellow Sisters.

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